Pharmacoeconomic Analysis of Use of Parenteral Nutrition Medications in Kazakhstan's Health System’s Conditions


  • Г.Н. Загидуллина Республиканский центр развития здравоохранения
  • А.Е. Жусупова Республиканский центр развития здравоохранения
  • З.К. Жолдасов Республиканский центр развития здравоохранения
  • А.Б. Табаров Республиканский центр развития здравоохранения
  • Ж.Л. Салпынов Республиканский центр развития здравоохранения


Nutritional support, parenteral nutrition, cost-minimization analysis, missed opportunity, budget impact analysis


Objective: To study the clinical effectiveness, safety, and cost-effectiveness of parenteral nutrition medications.
Methods. A modelling and a cost-effectiveness assessment were applied concerning the use of the NuTRIflex Lipid group
medications. A comparative analysis of the parenteral nutrition medications’ effectiveness was performed, using cost-minimization,
missed opportunities and budget impact analyses. The analysis was carried out by modelling in MS Excel Software.
Results. The cost-minimization analysis demonstrated that NuTRIflex medications (NuTRIflex Lipid plus, NuTRIflex Lipid
Special) were the least expensive options of parenteral nutrition for a minimum level of a daily dose’s cost as well as for a minimum
level of costs for side-effects elimination. Based on the results of the missed opportunities analysis, the use of NuTRIflex Lipid peri
medication will provide 55.8% (without side effects consideration) and 85.4% (with side effects consideration) more patients with
parenteral nutrition, than that of Oliclinomel N4-550 E. From a payer’s perspective in the healthcare system, the budget impact analysis
showed that the use of NuTRIflex Lipid peri will save costs equaling to 2.1 billion tenge versus Oliclinomel N4-550 E (on the assumption
that side effects take place).
Conclusion. It is impossible to make a definite conclusion on the superiority of NuTRIflex Lipid’s clinical effectiveness and
safety over Oliclinomel and vice versa, since there are no direct comparative studies, assessing clinical effectiveness and safety in
evidence-based medicine databases. More patients will receive parenteral nutrition if the NuTRIflex Lipid medication is used compared
with the use of Oliclinomel, and it would be cost-saving from a payer’s perspective in Kazakhstan’s health system.


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