Сonflict of interests form

The first Author must complete a Conflict of interest application form on behalf of all Authors at the end of the article. If there is no conflict of interest, this should also be declared.




Author(s): _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Policy of the Journal of Health Development demands from a first Author of a manuscript (on behalf of all Authors) emphasis in a signed application the following points if available: 1) financial interests or agreement with a company whose product was used in the research or mentioned in the material; 2) any financial interests agreements with competitive company; 3) direct payments to the Аuthor (s) from any sources for the purpose of writing material and 4) any other financial connections, direct or indirect or other situations that may raise the issue of bias towards the work performed - including relevant commercial or other sources of funding for the individual Аuthor (s) or for the relevant department (s) or organizations, personal relationships, or direct academic competition.

If the manuscript is to be published, such information should be reported in a note after the text before references.

After accepting your article, the completed form must be submitted through the Journal's website.

Address of Editors Office: Z00P5Y4, Kazakhstan, Nur-Sultan, Kabanbay batyr Ave 19/А.


  1. Conflict of interests application form. Standard application form:

I have a material* in  [name of a company], establishers of [a product], and at the present time I am carrying out a reserach sponsored by this company.

* Please indicate the material in which the relevant conflict of interest is found.

My application (on behalf of all Authors) is following:



Full name  _________________________

Signature                                                    Date


  1. We had no involvement that could raise the issue of bias in the work performed. __________________________________________________


Full name ________________________

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