Analysis of Service Maintenance of Medical Equipment in State Organizations of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Policy Brief


  • А.К. Тулеубаева Республиканский центр развития здравоохранения
  • А.А. Кабыкенова Республиканский центр развития здравоохранения


medical devices, medical equipment, service, service of medical devices, Kazakhstan


This paper presents results of overestimation of service work of medical equipment at the state organizations of the
Republic of Kazakhstan. It is typical that official representatives overprice the cost of service work of medical devices, so the service
of expensive equipment is carried out by unauthorized suppliers who do not have the necessary knowledge and skills. There is also
deficit of financial resources between the actual need and the planned expenditures of budgetary funds for the maintenance of
medical devices.
There is insufficiently developed practice of training medical personnel on the basis of equipment manufacturers or an
institution providing professional training in servicing relevant types of equipment. Due to this reason, there is a lack of engineers
servicing medical equipment.
The authors proposed recommendations for making changes to the current regulatory legal acts of the Republic of
Kazakhstan regarding the scope of service maintenance of medical devices. It is recommended to create a competent center for
centrally dealing with the issues of medical equipment breakdowns, as well as Implementation of a computerized maintenance
management system (CMMS) for medical equipment.


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