The Role of Professional Standards in Regulating the Professional Activities of Healthcare Professionals


  • Виталий Койков Республиканский центр развития здравоохранения


sectoral qualifications system, professional standards, healthcare professionals


This review is devoted to the analysis of the existing shortcomings in the sectoral qualifications system and the development
of suggestions for improving the mechanisms for regulating the professional activities of healthcare professionals in the Republic of
Kazakhstan. The main problems in the development of human resources for health care that require a systemic solution include the
lack of compliance of training programs and the system of continuous professional development of workers in the industry, a system
for assessing professional readiness and admission of health professionals for practical activities to the needs of practical health care,
the lack of a clear delineation of the competencies of health professionals by levels qualifications.
The above problems are based on the imperfection of the Sectoral Qualifications System due to the absence of the Sectoral
Qualifications Framework (covering all professions and professional activities in the health sector) and professional standards
(regulating in detail for each qualification level all those labor functions and professional tasks that are necessary for those working in
the industry. specialists, as well as the skills, knowledge, and even personal competencies required for this).
The implementation of professional standards in the development of educational programs at all levels of education, in the
activities of organizations that assess the professional readinesss of healthcare professionals, in the personnel policy of the health
system, regions and medical organizations, will ensure that the competencies of graduates of educational programs and specialists
working in the health sector correspond to the real needs of practical healthcare. All this will make it possible to achieve greater labor
productivity of healthcare professionals, improve the quality of medical and other services provided, reduce the costs of recruiting and
enhance the competitiveness of both specialists working in healthcare organizations.


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